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Hei Hwang Black Mixed Cereal Powder Minuman Campuran Serbuk Hitam 30g x 15s 黑王养生黑色
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  • No Sugar Added
  • Cholesterol Free
  • High in Protein

Ingredients: Walnut Powder, Black Wheat, Black Soya Bean Powder, Oats Powder, Black Sesame, Black Fungus and Bilberry Extract

Instructions: Empty a packet (30g) of Hei Hwang Instant Black Mixed Cereal Powder into a cup, add in warm water. Stir well and serve. It can be mixed with honey or milk as desired.

Content: 30g x 15 sachets

Black Mixed Cereal Powder is made from black health preserving edible ingredients whereby Black Rice,Black Soya, Black sesame being the main ingredients, through careful selection and advance technology processing to ensure that the nutrition is remained and it is the best nutritious supply for modern people and vegetarians.
Research has shown that eating coloured food or a rainbow of diet, will ensure that we consume the nutrients that our body needs.

​​​​​​​根據中醫理論 ,黑色屬水 ,水走腎 ,所以黑色食物入腎功能多 ,人的衰老往往先從腎機能顯現,想要延年益壽 ,防老抗衰 ,增強活力 、精力 、必須首重補腎 。
本品以台灣黑芝麻 、黑豆 、黑米等 ,精心調配 ,低溫熱化 ,確保營養完整不流失 ,為現代人及素食者之最佳營養 。

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